ipad doodle

The ipad is becoming one of my favorite art supplies, for creating new colorful scrapbook papers for collages to altering pictures and putting final touches to some of my art.  It is portable so I can use it on long trips or just a short trip to the coffee shop.  It is very versatile with all the new apps that are out and for making doodles it the best because you can erase and layer and add pictures and alter them all with the smallest effort.  Of course it doesn't replace my art studio or the feeling of picking up a paint brush which I don't seem to be able to not do everyday.  But it is nice to sit with my kids while they watch a show on TV and still be able to do art.


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2 thoughts on “ipad doodle

  1. Artmnky, I wish to Thank you for your compliment,(LOL) that was a pleasant surprise.  Must I say, I too loved your concept of using  your ipad as a workstation for your doodling, great idea!!! & : )


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