Isabelle was created with wire, beads, fabric tape, thread, Fimo and home-made paper pulp. Her head is made of Fimo that was painted with acrylic paint, and her wings are made of painted embossed paper. Beads were added to her wire body, and the wire was painted with nail polish for colour.
Isabelle is a creative spirit, protecting herself with her wings, and listening to her own song as she dances in the wind. She is a mixture of melancholy & hopefullness, with a mischievous snake on her shadow side. As I created her, I thought of how we are all made up of a mixture of different sides and layers of feelings; all interconnected to make us whole.
It was both a challenge and an adventure to work with wire for the first time in many years. Its flexible nature and strength are engaging, once I was able to move past the impersonal feel of it. I really enjoyed playing with the paper pulp, molding different versions of wings. Thanks for the opportunity to grow and try something new! 


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