"It came from the deep!"

Inspired partly by the scenery and beach where I live. Walking the beach often, I collect many treasures to make art with. Who knows what dark monsters the depths of the ocean really hold? Mixed media collage mounted on driftwood. Waves, background, mountains and small colored flags made from cloth-paper. Cloud and sail made from dryer sheets and hand sewn.  Sail number from shopping flyer. Machine sewn detail on background. Sun made with cord found on the beach and wound with jewelery wire. Boat constructed with driftwood, found wire, painted washer, metal pins and electrical tape. Octopus hand cut from Acid Free Photo mounting paper. Dymo tape label.


Reader Challenges (Past)

3 thoughts on “"It came from the deep!"

  1. I think this piece is great!  I love the way you have your layers and that octopus is just fantastic – I would never have thought to do something like this!  This is the kind of piece I’d love to see in person.  Really great piece.


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