Kate Madeloso’s "Mother Earth" Art Doll

Kate Madeloso
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada  

“I have combined the four elements: earth (body, bone, vines), fire (beaded *** plates, copper), water (seashells and pearl), and air (blue and purple 'sky' rising from her headpiece) into this very earthy mother. The four element symbols are 'tattoos' in the background showing life as they glitter and breathe energy into her body.

“The doll body is tie-dyed, wool felt that was stuffed with raw wool; the arms and breasts are dry felted onto the body; the vines and leaves are dry felted; the *** plate is beaded with a rope twist of raw felts; and the arm gauntlets and head piece are crocheted copper wire.”


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4 thoughts on “Kate Madeloso’s "Mother Earth" Art Doll

  1. This doll is really beautiful! It looks like you put a lot of thought into her. I especially like that you combined the 4 elements, that is very creative! Great job!


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