My original artwork is 8×8 and is a double-sided piece (I had it weighed at the U.S.P.S. and it weighs exactly 1lb). I have shown the stencil in its original form on the flip side of the canvas. I was inspired to create a "dream" garden window where I painted the stencil using acrylic paints over the Mylar and adhered them using beeswax as glue. Then I painted the gallery mount as if it were window trim.  On the front, I deconstructed the stencil using half of it as the sun and some of the stencil petals as shrubbery and the inside of the stencil as a flower (seen in close-up). The stencil petals were used to create a near replica using joint compound (upper left of front side). 

This mixed media work consists of acrylic paints, cloth, paper, beeswax,  joint compound, india ink, rubber stamps & sharpie markers.


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5 thoughts on “Kinder-Garden

  1. Stenciled Garden, as a theme, brought me back to my childhood.  I recall the first stencil I ever used was paper and I was in Kindergarden. I remember thinking how much fun it was to make a shape by tracing inside the paper and lifting it off to reveal, like magic, an exact likeness. Now  playing with a stencil  is entirely different. because I now can look at objects abstractly. So, instead of being delighted  to exactly replicate the whole I am compelled to break it apart.

    I also remember my cousin and I, when we were young, accompanying my father in his garden. In the summer it was a place where beans grew clinging to teepee poles and in the winter we could still see a few hardy stalks in the earth-yellow with toug woody vines and amazingly something green still held on to the plant. The colors and the hardiness of life their, no matter the season, always amazed me.

     I called this piece Kinder-Garden recalling where I first used a stencil and my curiousity as a child entering or playing in the garden.  I know my art  is inspired by all of what I hold in my heart and mind.

  2. I love the way the beeswax gives a dreamy, atmospheric quality to the piece. I also think it’s cool that you used some of the petals separately, and documented the original stencil on the back. Way to go!!!!