La Lune Pendant

A double-sided pendant of the moon in it's beautiful cresent phase. On one side a page the moon is cut through vintage French dictionary covered in a fine dusting of glittery magic demanding the moon. On the opposite side, a scan of a vintage Coral Sea map printed on aged paper asking for the moon and the stars. It is sandwiched between two pieces of slide glass about 2"x2", hand soldered and aged. Glass beads added to finish its star-gazing look.


Reader Challenges (Past)

7 thoughts on “La Lune Pendant

  1. This is great.  Without the proper soldering skills, I had to resort to the simpler “do-it-yourself” type of 2×2 frame and wished it had looked more like this.  I am inspired!  I love the fact that it is double-sided – two for one!


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