Letting Go of My Monkey Mind and Finding My Happy Place

I can't recall the first time I came across the phrase 'monkey mind', but it certainly had a profound impact on my awareness of how busy my own mind can become. List making, focus on accomplishing tasks, intermixed with dreams, considering my path, my past and future, realities of the day, matters at hand and the recalling of, daydreams, conversations with others, music and its lyrics…. memory spurts of things that remind me of another thing…and on and on. It is next to impossible to even list a fraction of what comes to mind in any given hour, let alone day.    60,000 thoughts per 24 hours  is the amount I am told is an average amount for one person has in any given day. 
And even the thought of escaping, quieting one's mind, whether by listening to the sounds of nature or settling into a meditation,  comes fraught with  more thoughts and intentions to make time to settle in.
Inspired by that monkey mind phrase, this fabric mixed media collage  was my humble attempt to visualize this quietening – a time when life slows down and thoughts turn into whispers of color, our true nature awakens and we visualize the monkey fading into the distance.  It's a departure from the deeper, more colourful palette I've been entertaining for quite some time…and the softening of the hues seem to mirror a quieter, more peaceful ambience.  Finding my ‘happy place.”  In the distance, if you look very carefully, you will still see the tiny little monkey.  :0)    You see, she never quite disappears!


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3 thoughts on “Letting Go of My Monkey Mind and Finding My Happy Place

  1. I can relate to the meaning behind your piece, thank you so much for sharing! I am not usually drawn to this colour palette, but I LOVE your piece! Well done 🙂


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