Little Shop of Buttons

This cigar box was full of old rusted keys when I picked it up at a yard sale. It was missing one side and the lid was no longer attached. That was years ago. I pulled it off the shelf in my studio last week and made a roof for the missing side from book board. Using Rigid Wrap I lined the back interior wall and the roof and painted it with multiple layers of gesso, paint, ink and glazes. On my yearly travels to France I have gathered all sorts and sizes of buttons and decided this was going to be the perfect venue for a button shop. I created several depths by hanging a spool and rack of buttons. I wanted the image to stand out so  I stacked several layers of foam core beneth it. To add age and texture I sanded the leather that is used for the roof and the floor. The last details are rust patina bobbins for armoire legs and small buttons nailed in with small brads along the top rim.


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