love makes the world go round

This piece is on an 8×8 gallery mount canvas.  On it, I used materials such as papers, silk flowers/leaves, real pressed plants, and material as the background. As embellishment, of course, there were buttons, and also ribbon, seed beads, small washers, feathers – let's see did I get everything. 🙂

My idea of "all buttoned up" came from the idea that once I had added the buttons – which came as one of the last steps, that the piece was finished  – or "all buttoned up".  I also liked the way the buttons, which are round, worked with the wording of the piece.


Reader Challenges (Past)

3 thoughts on “love makes the world go round

  1. I tried to rate your work as a 5 and did it wrong; after I clicked 2 stars it wouldn’t let me click any more…..I really like your work and I’m so sorry I messed up the rating.

  2. I LOVE the rich surface texture you created with all of the embellishments. I also had to smile when you were listing everything and weren’t sure that you gotten them all. In my own work, if it has a hole in it, or I can make one, it’s fair game to be sewn on something, so I “got” the joke about “did I get everything”….great piece!


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