6 thoughts on “Me Uncarved

  1. Really like this! An interesting idea done well….you don’t mention beads but aren’t those beads around the outside edge and your ‘chignon’….or are they French knots? 

  2. The silhouette is a fun idea.  My friends and I use to take turns using a lamp to aluminate ourselves with our shadow shown on a large piece of paper taped to the wall behind us, so that we could trace what we saw.  I like your material you used.

    Is this how you accomplished your silhouette of A Little Me?  It’s a unique way of sharing one with others.

  3. Thank you puppy4christmas. I had a really good time creating my silhouette. I draw ( by looking at a photo of me)my face on a piece of paper and then use it as a template.

    Glad you enjoy it.




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