Meandering Through the Garden

 I started with block printing on linen fabric, I included both machine stitch and hand embroidery and also added a lovely bee bead! 
All the printed images were done using blocks cut from "speedy carve" based on my Gail Walker's originall drawings. for which I have my full permission to use the images in my submission! Some of smaller marks in my garden scene were made using a simple pencil eraser, a wooden spool, and Gail's and my favorite "printing tool" a plastic clay tool that makes great series of little dots or longer stripes when you drag it!
I usually work artistically in making jewelry (hence the bee bead found in the piece) but enjoyed learning to do free embroidery on the sewing machine. The most pleasure was in allowing me to revisit my early artistic love of hand embroidery passed on to me by my maternal grandmother when I was very little (if old enough think Woolworth's stamped pillowcases) .
Enjoy! I certainly did during the making process!


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