Mindful Me

Artwork Title: Mindful Me
On 6×6, gallery mount canvas, "Little Me" is sketched, painted, includes Thai collage paper, colored pencil, stencils and stamps (Breathe, Sit) all techniques and mediums I love to use; which are creatively me. The image of me is from a photo, but handpainted.
I created "A Little Me," artwork expressing the mindful, meditative part of me that teaches "Lotus-Heart Workshops," in which I show attendees how to create, without self judgement, making  "Art [daily] as a lifelong Mindful Activity."


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6 thoughts on “Mindful Me

  1. This art piece is so “beautifully peaceful, I love it.”  All the artist have accomplished so much.

    I shared your art with my husband and he thought… “very nicely done, very perfessional.”


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