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This is Mini Mitzy, she is my first CPS challenge.  I thought it would be fun to try something a little different… THANKS

FYI, Mitzy is made from a wine cork a wooden ball and a sculpy face mold.  .  

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6 thoughts on “Mini Mitzy

  1. Your little ‘Mini Mitzy is so cute, too cute for words.  I did a little person too (love it) and e-mailed it in, although yet to have up loaded to cps gallery.   I’m not sure I should because I’m really loving your Art piece.

  2. Awww…THank you…and you should enter your piece…  This is my first attempt at doing a little challenge like this and it was so much fun to watch my little girl come to life…  I make larger dolls using the same technique and style so this was different making her so tiny.  I have another one lined up!  LOL  Now I cant wait to make more of these little ones…hehehehe

    THANKS…and good luck to you!


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