Mixed-Media Stitch – Flowering Tree

This artwork was created in many layers and used many materials.  The background started out with a pair of old jeans, gesso, ripped pages from and old book and used tea bags.  White accents were added by printing a hand-carved stamp with gesso and drawing white leaves with Sakura Souffle pen over the tea bags.  Color was added in multiple layers with water-soluble pastels, colored pencils, shimmering watercolors, pen and ink, and Inktense pencils.  The tree was drawn and then stitched with polyester and embroidery floss.  The flowers (French knots) were stitched with embroidery floss.  The artwork was finished with another piece of the old jeans for the back, a piece of Bristol paper in between, black acrylic on the edges, and finally a blanket stitch all the way around.


Reader Challenges (Past)

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