Moontree by Linda Donnelly

My new years resolution is to get over my fear of photo shop and use it to create art on my computer.  This image represents this resolution.  It is a montage of 2 photographs that I took.  One photo is of a moon that I took when we were having terrible fires in Southern California.  The smoke caused the moon to look orange.  The second photo is one of a tree that I took on the way to Lake Tahoe in California.  I used levels to combine these images and then added a ttv view frame to make this image.


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8 thoughts on “Moontree by Linda Donnelly

  1. This image is so intense. The composition is great and the color contrast is just stunning. I think you may have inspired me to try to overcome my own “Fear of Photoshop”. Beautiful work. -D. Ruch

  2. Truly eye-catching photo, a successful merging of two images. Actually, at first I thought it was a photo of the recent moon eclipse which took place this December, the moon turned orange then to. You evidently have a flair. 

  3. Linda, This is absolutely StuNNing!

    I LOVE the colours – This would look wonderful silkscreened on a T-Shirt/ shopping bag/ —- the possibilities are endless.

    It’s been like 3 years since you posted this, I’d love to see the work you have done since!




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