Moving Forward As Fiona

The world of mixed media/altered art took hold of me back in 2004 and hasn’t let go!  I currently teach pottery and mixed media at the high school level and love every minute of it!  I have a “knack” for finding and arranging old things in contained spaces so they tell a visual story.  The items I used in this piece tell the story of me.  The hand and star represent creating limitless art, keys represent an opening to new beginnings or old memories,  the teacher in my likes the old rusty pencils, and the woman in my work is me determined to tell my story through art.


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One thought on “Moving Forward As Fiona

  1. thank you for showing that maybe the majority of who you are is not in the face.. like the “little you” so much in this piece. You have downsized your physical self in the sum of your parts. Nice — Anne Kneller, Daytona Beach


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