Music Was My First Love by Nikki Smith (Self Portrait)

Music Was My First Love is a self-portrait in my series of music-inspired digital watercolor paintings, featuring silhouettes of musical instruments and the human form.  This piece combines the silhouette of my back with elements of a guitar following my spine and the shape of my back as if it were a tattoo.  This is an award winning piece, recently voted the Coolest Image in Music in a competition on  You can see more pieces in this series (twelve to date) on my website, .

Model and artist: Nikki Smith (me, myself & I)
Copyright 2012 Nikki Smith of


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2 thoughts on “Music Was My First Love by Nikki Smith (Self Portrait)

  1. Thanks, MsMathey!  A different piece of my artwork was featured in Cloth Paper Scissors for the silhouette challenge.  However, this music-inspired self-portrait was later featured in Somerset Digital Studio, so it did get published after all!  🙂


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