My first tunnel book

Click for a short slideshow of the process of making my first tunnel book.
I wanted to use vellum because of its translucent property. The images are drawn with graphite and ink and then many are painted with ink.
Even though I was able to get a lot of color without all of the water that watercolor paint would have required, the ink painted vellum still wanted to get all bent-out-of-shape. I lightly sprayed the back with water and put some stones on top to help flatten them, but it's still more wavy than I like.
When it was put together I decided that there were too many images, so I took out one of the tall flower layers. Now the blue sky, clouds and fluttering butterflys are more visible.
I'm not going to finish this one. There is a frame and cover that are still needed. The Quote on the frame: Happiness is a buterfly, which when pursed, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit doen quietly, may alight upon you.- Nathaniel Hawthorne
I will re-work this idea and change some of the materiels to get a more clean finish. Wish me luck:)


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