My Old Red Door Cottage

I love old cottages…and if I had my druthers…and more money! (lol)….I would get one and decorate &  refurbish  up a storm!!


However, I am settling for painting and dreaming about them. This one I painted (pen and ink, as well as pastels and paint pens)  about a year ago on a photo of an old brick wall. Then, when I saw this challenge, I digitally added the the old and elegant coffee pot and the teacup…of which both came from 2 seperate paintings I did a while back as well. Then the vintage postcard put up on the window and the beautiful hanging blossoms up in the right corner came from photographs.

The handle on the door was inspired by an old handle I saw at one time on an old building and just loved the old world feel….so, this is my rendering of it with metalic gold and copper  inks! As well as the patina effect on the hardware and the worn blue paint around the windows…and of course the flower box! Love and want one!

The clock was a little tricky and I am still working on a better way. I wanted it to look like it is hanging up on the back brick wall of the kitchen….so, when we look inside, thru the window, it should be looking a little more muted instead of looking like it is hanging in the window. Normally, when I want something to look as tho it is being seen behind a window screen or a shear fabric I will rub with pastel chalk or soft water color pencil over the image and then rub it with a paper towel, so it gets a shear affect…but then sometimes I found that the chalk or pastel has a chemical reation to the paint or ink and it basically just smears.  This is why this particular clock looks like it does….


I also like the feel of a candle in the window…I imagine lighting it every nite as I wait for those things I have been praying for…



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