My Skin

This submission is entitled, "My Skin". It is a 6×6" encaustic collage. I started by writing my thoughts onto carbon paper with tissue beneath. I then added the tissue to my substrate using wax. Next, I transferred a colour copy of a Polaroid emulsion lift self portrait I made onto my encaustic surface. I added the words, "I feel comfortable in my own skin" to the wax surface by writing with a stylus onto carbon paper. I added a wire and gemstone bead nest I made, a feather I found while out exploring with my daughter, and a distressed ribbon in my favourite colour, dipped in wax. The nest represents the home I have created, the feather my need to travel and discover, and the cheerfully coloured ribbon ties these things together, bound by the wax, as they are entwined in me.


Reader Challenges (Past)


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