New Shoes New Shoes … Detail 2


"New Shoes New Shoes Stencil Garden Reader Challenge

Mixed Media: encaustic, collage, Lumiere Metallic paint, Rub on pigment, beads, beaded chain, buttons, metal mesh, plastic cameo 

Stenciled Garden challenge entry … detail and the favorite poem… 

New Shoes

New Shoes new shoes
red and pink and blue shoes
tell me what would you choose 
If they'd let us buy

Buckle shoes, bow shoes
Pretty, pointy toe shoes,
strappy, cappy low shoes
Like some? So would I!

But … flat shoes, fat shoes
Wipe-them-on-the-mat Shoes
Stump along like that Shoes …
That's the sort they'll buy

–author unknown

Anne Kneller
386 .. 366-4877



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One thought on “New Shoes New Shoes … Detail 2

  1. This is super cool! I really wish I could touch it. The encaustic over metallic paint really looks like you used a big sheet of metal. I also love the shoe theme. I use shoes in my work  a lot. They are fun and full of meaning. Where would we be without our beloved shoes?!

    Thanks for the fresh ideas!


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