Open a Sunrise


To create the book I used a number of techniques ( some of which I learned from previous issues of Cloth Paper Scissors!).
I used a great deal of my own handmade paper which adds a variety of colors and textures and gave me a way to create a background.
Plastic bags ironed together made a sturdy and wonderfully colored fabric which I then used to cut out two of the main elements.
Like most multi-media artist I have found treasures which I love to look at so I incorporated a few of my favorites to give details to the story .
I layered everything together on water color paper frames ( which was also used in some of the backgrounds with textural paint) .
In finishing off the book I tied the pictures together into a story by stitching with a variety of threads including some metallic . The threads add the embellishments and accent the dimensions in each layer of the tunnel.



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