Out Of This World!

This is a necklace I made featuring some of my more eclectic buttons. I had so many favorites, I decided to use a bunch of them! Beads, pearls and meaningful words are anchored to embellished sari scraps, thread, ribbon and chain. The pendant is a small piece of art quilt from a previous project, framed and accented by the button that inspired this piece- a vintage UFO photo. It's a tactile piece that makes people want to reach out and touch it. When I wear it, I feel like I'm surrounded by treasured buttons that are more precious to me than gems!



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5 thoughts on “Out Of This World!

  1. I think your necklace is fantastic!  I love it, and I think wearing buttons this way is very cool.  You have inspired me to make my own!   It is out of this world!!!

  2. I used larger chain to weave the threads, beads and other things through… it takes a lot of fussing but once you get it right everything stays put with a bit of thread and the buttons!

    Please share your pic… I’d love to see your interpretation!



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