Pencil Box

Title: Pencil Box

Art IS Therapy.  As a Studio artist with an Art Therapy background, I choose to create this piece juxtaposing the little, frail, hurt inner child and the strong adult me that has a voice that can be heard.  The layers and layers of hand-made paper, watercolor, pencil, ribbon, yarn, thread, collage and other ephemera used is a metaphor of the negative layers of messages learned as a child. Happily now, the ‘adult me’ can take care of the child and always make sure there are pencil boxes, all kinds of media to explore and plenty of time to play! 


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One thought on “Pencil Box

  1. Your art is wonderful, love all of the layers and the variety of materials…hope you always have time to play and explore and the media to create more beautiful pieces like this.


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