Postcard from Penzance

Penzance is a seaside town in Cornwall, England, and it's famous for its pasties (pastry filled with meat and vegetables) often eaten by tourists as they sit on benches admiring the view.  Seagulls have become a nuisance because people fed them but they no longer wait to be offered bits of food – they swoop down and snatch it!  

Hence my idea for the Pasty Pirates of Penzance – a play on the title of Gilbert and Sullivan's operetta 'The Pirates of Penzance'.

The background, bunting, wall and seagull is my own handmade felt.  I used a whittled ice-lolly (popsicle) stick for the wooden leg, real feathers, a glass bead for his eye, shop-made felt for his hat, cotton perle embroidery thread for the edging and beak, and printing on card for the notice on the wall "Penzance Council – Beware of the Pasty Pirates" which is attached with seed beads to resemble nails.  


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7 thoughts on “Postcard from Penzance

  1. Lyn, thank you for your very nice comments  Your art piece is wonderfully goofy, pretty with amazing character, even the little hat has a tweet.  I love it!

  2. Absolutely LOVE this charming Pirate…….What a display of imagination,  talent,  craftsmanship  and pure joy!!!!     I would be happy to GIVE him my pasty……Thank you for sharing your fun.    Mary Ann Wertz


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