Prayer Wheel for Japan Copper Wire Art by J.J. Den Hartogh

Prayer Wheel for Japan by J.J. Den Hartogh

Since there are many occasions that are ceremonious in Japanese culture, with this piece I created a ritual out of the intention of wearing a new pendant.
The central, stamped and painted Sculptey pendant features a raw quartz crystal point, salmon teeth and a copper wire ring for a necklace.
But first, you must remove it from The Prayer Wheel itself. An oval picture jasper bead and carved point can be fingered on the looped copper wire to activate 'ask and you shall receive'. Two tiger's eye beads surround a 14-sided wooden bead, which you can also spin while you day dream. This Prayer Wheel is 3 1/2 inches in diameter, 2 1/2 inches high.
I create many of these Prayer Wheels to hold collections of loose rocks and crystals.
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One thought on “Prayer Wheel for Japan Copper Wire Art by J.J. Den Hartogh

  1. I’m discouraged and utterly disappointed for this design to have not been chosen. This design gained more views than any of the other reader submissions… Please see other photos of this Prayer Wheel in all it’s majesty…

    ~Saddened 🙁


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