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This piece illustrates a feeling I’ve had for some time, but it really took the forefront when my husband and I went to the Hippiefest at Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts last summer.  I tie-dyed shirts for us, and wore bell bottoms and love beads.  Bedecked in my garb, singing, and dancing to the music, I was transported back to 1969.  This year I turned 60—unbelievable!  Inside is still the skinny girl with the long, blonde hair, love beads, and granny glasses.  When I look into my mirror at home, I see the figure on the left, but my internal reflection is that on the right.


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5 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. I love this juxtaposition! You are making good friends of reality. Could the girl on the right ever have imagined the girl on the left? The girl on the left is the embodiment of everything the girl on the right could never have dreamed of becoming. Congratulations and happy birthday girl on the left! — Anne Kneller


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