Shelly Costa’s "Mother Earth" Art Doll

Shelly Costa 
Mount Vernon, WA

“This challenge inspired me to look at Earth in two ways. Is Earth the ‘mother’ of humans or does Earth need ‘mothering’? I chose to interpret my entry as Mothering Earth, with my cosmos-inspired mermaid doll cradling Earth in a star- and moon-encrusted, velvet-lined oyster shell. She also begs the question as to the beginnings of life in her universe. I like that she is Madonna-esque, without being overtly motherly. Even with no facial features she still seems to have a lot of personality; her expression is determined by the viewer.

“I used tan broadcloth for the mermaid body, pre-embellished velveteen for the tail, pre-embellished netting for the fins, an oyster shell that I lined with black velvet for the cradle, and paper clay and acrylic for the earth. She is embellished with silver, gold, and black sequins; vintage buttons; and glitter. Her hair is a mix of acrylic yarn and various blue and silver needlework threads.” 


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