"Signs of Spring"

10” x 9”


I just love it when the ground thaws and you start seeing those first signs of spring come rushing in.  Flowers start blooming, and before you know it everyone is wearing pastels and light sweaters. 


When I read about the challenge I knew automatically I wanted to incorporate my own fabric covered buttons into it.  I covered them with canvas and painted them, and have used them for the center of my flowers.  I started with two pieces of canvas sewn together and stuffed.  I then painted a square and some artificial flower petals and just started sewing.  I wanted the white buttons to surround the painted square like a picture frame.  I used both vintage and new buttons to make the frame.


All the sewing turned this piece into a cute pancake-like pillow, but I believe it may end up being used as a pin cushion. 


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