Simply Floral

My very first attempt at making a stamp. I drew my own simple design onto Speedball Speedy-Cut and used assorted lino cut blades to carve it up. I used diluted acrylic paints for this stamping but won't do that again as it didn't work too well; I will buy ink pads for future stamps. I won't be entering this stamp in the challenge as I can see by some posted here I am definitely out-classed, but I did really enjoy the introduction to carving.


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6 thoughts on “Simply Floral

  1. Your “Simply Floral” is beautiful and refreshing.  I love what you have created and you should ENTER!  Art is a wonderful way of expressing to one or to many something beautiful, deeply personal, provocative and reaching out from earth to the skies above and beyond. 


  2. And another ‘Thank you.  ‘Gee, your work is so clean even when you watered down the acrylic paints.  I like all the different varities that are used to get the beautiful art that you are expressing.

  3. Thank you Tahnesa and no, mine didn’t make the 2012, but there are so many beautiful “On the Street Where You Live that were choosen.  It’s a wonderful community to be involved with and I am going to be ordering my calendar, “oops” I better do it soon.


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