So Very Sandy

This is my 6-inch-by-6-inch mixed media self portrait collage. Using my own photo, I layered translucent paper on top of card stock and used water color pencils, ink, cloth and three-dimensional fabric paint to create this self portrait that I call “So Very Sandy.” It’s full of drama (note the giant orange divalicious hat I recently purchased for an outdoor jazz festival; hope they can see around me), whimsy, complex textures and plenty of imperfections–so me.Smile I blogged about it here:


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6 thoughts on “So Very Sandy

  1. Your art is always inspirational, Sandy (I have in the past visited your blog at wordpress) and I love this self-portrait. Your devalicious (great word!) orange hat against the pale violet background is perfect…projects so much vibrancy and flamboyance—and you have me running out to buy some 3D fabric paint!


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