"Spare That Tree" by SharonArt57

I grew up with a small woods in my backyard and have been in love with trees all my life–old, weathered trees especially, but all trees. Underappreciated, regarded as nuisances, they are often chopped down without a second thought! Spare that tree. Trees give us the oxygen we breathe, supply shelter for humans and other creatures, welcome shade, dead leaves to enrich the soil… and they're always beautiful. What better subject for a US postage stamp?  … My tree is cut from a textural sample piece made with fusible webbing and various yarns and fibers. I painted it with a mix of brown Setacolor paint and puff paint .A nest of eyelash yarn in the tree's branches holds keishi-pearl eggs. Leaves were cut from silk habotai and Textiva film, and Swarovski crystal marguerite flowers bloom in the tree's shade. .

Loved this challenge! Thank you, CPS editoirs.  


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