Stitched wooden daisy

Adding stitching to my mixed media art is new for me, but I love it. I love reclaimed, found objects. This particular piece brings together some wood beads that were from a necklace I found at a garage sale. I also used a piece of a paper towel that has a fantastic texture on it, it was used to blot a painting that I was working on. It inspired the piece with it's bright contrasting red and turquoise colors. When I asked my mom to refresh me on how to make a French knot she ended up giving me a great history lesson. I ended up tying Continental Knots instead of French Knots. As for the background, I discovered a new way to create a watercolor wash. I don't normally use watercolors and when I couldn't even find my daughter's elementary watercolor paints I turned to her Crayola markers and my spray bottle. I colored a section and then spritzed it with water and let the color run. I also used paper leaves, a wood dicut, acrylic paint, recycled tag.


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