As I was throwing away and breaking down that annoying styrofoam packing I had an Aha! moment. I took a chunk of it and decided to use my hot stencil cutter as a carving tool because styrofoam is too fragile for traditional tools. I drew almost an continuous line to create my image freehand. I also had to be conscious of not pressing down too hard; so it wouldn't melt through.

When I was done I experimented. I used a foam brush that was a bit moist and added acrylic paint to it. I pressed down firmly on the stamp and water came out ruining a chance for  a sharp image. I then wiped and dried the stamp image and used a dry brush, added paint to the image and viola!  ** NOTE Unlike traditional rubber stamps, I noticed that with a coat of heavy paint the picture provided is the resulting image. Yet, with a lighter coat of paint on the styrofoam the stamped image has nice texture resulting from the little circles that are on the surface of the styrofoam–its pretty cool especially on an altered book, the different textures are a very nice bonus.

The process was fun and I thought it was a bit ingenious because I recycled and reused what we all find annoying and throw away!  I know I'll make more stamps from this material and I even gave my hot stencil cutter a new use as a cutter!! 


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2 thoughts on “styroman

  1. “WOW” I am impressed!  Yes, I have to agree your idea was ingenious.  I have been thinking and thinking in how to go about this project.  It’s all wonderful and enjoyable.


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