Teach ceann tui – gaelic for thatched house

My Irish thatched cottage is constructed with 3 layers, felt, pelmet vilene and hand painted, stamped cotton.  The colours used reflect the colours of the mountains near my home and the text illustrates what home means to me. Raffia was used for the 'thatch' with fabric collage, hand embroidery and hand painted details.  No Irish cottage would be complete without a turf fire so I included a smoking chimney. Finally a little fabric book was constructed to live inside the cottage and the ring which holds the pages together was an ear ring, donated by a friend, whose son had outgrown it.   .


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3 thoughts on “Teach ceann tui – gaelic for thatched house

  1. This is so detailed and imaginative, as are all things made by busylizzie!! I love the ‘smoke’ coming from the chimney and the clothes hanging on the line. It’s just like every house in Ireland!! Well when the rain stays away! The chickens in the yard and hand embroidered flowers in the garden are so effective  I love it! Nil aon tintean mar do thintean fein!! There’s no place like home!!


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