That’s What I Thought!

These Great Great aunties, more often than not, where almost joined at the hip even though there were almost opposite in personalities. In this instance they have observed an odd sight, the Dancing Gingerbread Ladies. Despite expressing their thoughts in, as usual, completely different styles, they seem to have come to the same conclusion.


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7 thoughts on “That’s What I Thought!

  1. I love it.  A simple piece that speaks volumes.  Catherine has a way of eliciting reflection in her pieces.  I find myself identifying with these great Aunties here. While seemingly quite different from one another the great ladies seem to share a common perspective.  I can imagine how vastly their worlds have changed through the years, and find myself appreciating their perceived thoughfulness and graciousness. Beautiful job!

    Gudrun, Seaside Lodging Northwest, Washington State


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