the child in me

The essence of who I am is tied to the child in me. The silhouette on the left represents a dysfunctional childhood which left me feeling empty. 

I have learned that I needed to give the gifts of kindness, compassion, and love to myself.  After giving these gifts to my adult self, my inner child can have joy.

Peg E.


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5 thoughts on “the child in me

  1. Creating this piece was very painful and yet cathartic.

    I used acrylics on an old book cover and distressed with sandpaper. I usually add so much more detail to my art, but felt simplicity was the key to this piece. Thanks for looking:)

  2. I really like what you’ve created here, Peg E. That empty silhouette is hauntingly beautiful in its representation.  I hope you continue to nurture yourself with those three ‘heart’ gifts and feel the joy that was denied you for so long. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. thank you so much for your comments Tahnesa:) I really appreciate it!

    the funny thing about this is that I was trying so long to print out a “current” pic of me and my printer was giving me problems! I KNEW it was because I was meant to do the piece with a baby pic of me, I just didn’t want to. But I’m happy with how it turned out. It was meant to be!


  4. Peg, this is beautiful! I love that you left the raw edge at the top, and that you used the silhouette of your baby picture. I ABSOLUTELY believe the fact that your printer didn’t work so you had to use the photo. These things happen to me all the time and when I accept them I make better art! Thanks for sharing….

  5. thank you tteske for the comments. I am really enjoying seeing everyone’s work on this challenge. It’s great to see everyone’s interpretation.



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