The Colors of Women

The background is a method of layering colored tissue, bleaching, using a batik method of waxing and layering on color with inks. My felted addition is a nuno method on kaki green chiffon silk. I laid out merino wool under the silk then on top of the silk, strands of colored yarns, silk ribbon threads, and curly wool. final layer on merino wool. I worked the wool through the silk fibers  by hand then fulled with a wet towel in the dryer. I love the crinkled texture created by the pulling of the different fibers as the merino shrinks. The final addition is a stamped piece of Fimo colored with permanent markers and metallic powder, attached with yarn threads and strands of glass beads.


Reader Challenges (Past)

About Peggy j Schadler

Multimedia abstract artist: I enjoy finding interesting elements of the environment, using some found objects and fusing them with different media, to create my abstract expressions.