The House of Chagalls Blue Lady


My artwork is always about women, thus the woman in the house. The house is papier-mâché and I used hand painted paste paper for the roof and the stars and moon.  I trimmed the piece in small beads and dragonflies.  The women is one that I painted in the style of March Chagall.  I just started a blog called The Apostle’s Wife’s Club, http://the  I am also in the process of setting up an Etsy shop called The Apostle’s Wife.   



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3 thoughts on “The House of Chagalls Blue Lady

  1. Whoops! I made a mistake trying to figure out the way things work and sent to comments?  So many things to figure out from one site to another.  Sometimes I think they sould offer a Master of Blogs to those that figure it all out.


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