The Little Prince

I used the silhouette of a photo of my grandson on a gessoed canvas for this piece. I applied torn pieces of an antiqued celestial map.  I then sanded it and glazed colors all over with acrylics and inks. Next, I built the window frame using molding paste. I glued the silhouette, planets, and words to the canvas, glazing them with acrylic paint and charcoal pencils. Stitched gold and silver glass beads all over. Finally, I attached different sizes of star-shaped brads and the rose sticker.


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5 thoughts on “The Little Prince

  1. This piece makes me laugh having had five boys and knowing that at that age they act like little princes it just seemed so suitable.  It’s a great idea, well executed.  I love the colors and the red trim is fantastic.  Lovely.

  2. Brings back memories of my childhood.  Dreaming about the stars and wanting to travel amongst them. Love the celestial map, and how you made it look antiqued. Also, love the shooting stars. I remember looking up a the summer sky and making wishes.  Wonderful work.

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