The Other Me

I started my "little me" with a blank black canvas and first added a digitally-altered photo of my only tattoo: a tiger drawing that I did when I was in college, which is a symbol of the balance I struggle to maintain in Life.  I added digital images of my eyes and replaced the irises & pupils with buttons & moss.  My right eye represents my creative side: the pupil is an ornate antique glass button, the iris is moss, the lid is decorate with glitter and the eyelashes are thick & branch-like.  My left eye represents my very structured side (I'm a CPA as well as an artist): the pupil & iris are plain buttons, the lashes are simple and there's no further adornment.  I also added torn bits out of a dictionary, painted stripes the approximate color of my hair and printed a small self-portrait (which was carved on an eraser) over the words.  The title is a reference to Neil Gaiman's "Coraline," in which The Other Mother has button eyes.


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