The Quilt in My Head

My mini book is called "The Quilt in My Head" and is meant to be used as a doodle pad to record artquilt ideas and inspirations as they pop into my head. Mini quilts are affixed to the front and back covers. The smudgy and metallic mix of paints is meant to inspire magical thinking. The construction nail and wire remind me that quilts can bind ideas together in a unique way.
Cover construction: cardboard, gesso, acrylic paint, fabric, thread, matte gel medium, nail, wire.
Page construction: found papers, gesso, acrylic paints, charcoal.


Jenny Lee


Reader Challenges (Past)

4 thoughts on “The Quilt in My Head

  1. I love the weathered look of this book and the way you incorporated the nail and wire, which create such a great contrast to the softness of the mini quilt.


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