The Silver Skates by Hans Brinker

I choose a copy of a very old book for "black, white, & read all over ornament challenge."  The book is dated 1907 ' The Silver Skates by Hans Brinker.  This story is charming, and is situated in Holland. The family shares in their struggles, endurance, compassion, love and sacrifice.  And the out come is most satisfying.

I used card stock measuring 2 1/2 " x 3 1/2" white and red for the background.  One side has the free form skater I drew and cutting into the page of the book, as I tried to show the flow of free movement.   The ribbon softly floats; this sets the mood as the Ice skater moves across the ice.  I also used a black magic maker, ribbon, tacky glue, red yarn and mod podge.  The other side of my gift is a free handed drawing onto a page from the book of an ice skate placed onto a red & white card stock.


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