The Sleeping Garden

I was inspired by my garden as it " goes to sleep" for the winter. I painted silk flower leaves  and buttons. I used dryer sheets, dye collecting sheets for the washer, twine, tulle, and paper to texturize the canvases prior to painting with acrylics. 


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6 thoughts on “The Sleeping Garden

  1. I really like this one.  I hear the crunch of leaves and smell the cool, crisp fall air when I look at it.  It’s just beautiful.  Nice work!

    Laura, Minnesota

  2. Love the textures. They really do a great job of portraying plants going dormant. I also like how that common colors help to tie the three panels together, colorwise. Great Job!

  3. I really like this well done.Neutral colours creating a sense of winter gives a good feeling for the long winters!!

    Sarah Dawson-Spackman


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