The Three P’s – side view

Here's my entry!  It was so much fun to make.  And here's the whole story 🙂  

I made this piece by starting out with a wood purse blank that I found at my local craft store.  I took off the hinges and hardware and used one half of the box as my canvas.  The image is burned into the wood and then colored with oil pencils.  The final touches are strips of aluminum which I embossed and attached to the background with eyelets.

The flowers around the sides refer to my maiden name which is "Flores" and my picture is actually based on a photo which my husband took of me on a recent trip to San Diego.  We were on a ghost tour visiting a haunted ship.  We had a great time and you can see it in my smile.

The words "Patience, "Practice" and "Perseverance" hold great meaning for me.  I had a film editing teacher once who constantly expounded on the importance of the "Six P's" when it came to being a good filmmaker and editing assistant.  I have forgotten three of the P's (something to do with keeping the director happy) but the remaining three – patience, practice and perseverance – are my motto.  When I was little, whenever I would lose my temper or get angry, my grandfather would put his hands on my head and say "patience, patience."  Sometimes he would succeed in calming me down, other times it would just vex me more.  Either way, it is not always easy but my grandfather encouraged me to be patient with myself and with others.

A few years back, I took a glassblowing class with a most wonderful teacher.  He would manipulate little blobs of glass into beautiful and amazing shapes. All his students would gasp and say "Wow, you are so talented!"  But each time he would shake his head and say, "Talent has nothing to do with it.  All you have to do is practice.  It might take twenty years like me, but you'll get there." His words of hope and encouragement really struck me and I've never forgotten them.

The last word "Perseverance" is a trait that my dad has instilled in me all my life.  He has always encouraged me to not give up on a task or project and to follow it through to completion.  It might be difficult and not fun, but the feeling of accomplishment that you get after you finish a grueling job makes the hard work all worth while.


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