The Zebra’s Garden

I love the use of textures in my work, hence the burlap, felt, and multiple other types of paper, and the

various levels add an alive, moving quality. Since this piece will be framed in an open frame, it was 

important to invite the viewer to come in and touch the garden. The green flowers represent the 

unexpected nature of a whimisical garden, while the zebra's stripes are repeated throughout.


This piece was created out of burlap, felt, linter-based hand-made paper, and patterned scrapbook papers.  

The hand-made paper's colors are derived from tissue and acrylic added to the pulp during the 

paper-making process. Smooch Spritz and irridescent paint add to its colors. A wooden zebra form and 

leaves accent the finished piece. Titled "The Zebra's Garden", it measures 7.25"x9.5".


Reader Challenges (Past)


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