This Old Hand


After tracing my hand I drew a design representing my wrinkles, knurly knuckles, sun spots, and veins (ugh!!) I then scanned the finished drawing into my computer, printed it out on fabric and hand stitched over the design using a variety of embroidery stitches including couching and french knots. My “hand” holds down an envelope which contains a removeable tag made from tissue paper glued to card stock on which I’ve written some words of wisdom spoken over-and-over by my grandmother when she patiently taught me to sew long ago. The collaged background paper was stamped using distressed ink on my grandmother’s thimble as the stamp.  The ribbons are hand beaded.



Reader Challenges (Past)

2 thoughts on “This Old Hand

  1. Outstanding design and integration into the whole…….love the sentiment of including your grandmother’s wisdom……overall an exceptional piece. I love to see Zentangle taken to different levels of interpretation. Well done!


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