Three Continuous Flowers – Design continues on all 4 sides

These flowers were carved on a 4×4 inch soft block.  The design continues on all four sides, so that if you keep printing the same block your design is connected to the ones next to it.  I will upload another file so you can see it.


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2 thoughts on “Three Continuous Flowers – Design continues on all 4 sides

  1. Excellent, I love repeating patterns.  And your design is lovely.  Would love to see this one repeated, do you have a piece where you have put several of these together?

  2. Thank you! Yes, the picture next to this one (in green tones) has it printed several times so you see the connections. I do have a lot of ideas on how to use it, and I’m sure I will be printing it many times in the near future on paper and fabric :). I also want to carve the reverse print, so I can actually paint inside the flowers and leaves. I can then use both carvings together or separately :). So many ideas, such little time :). Thanks again.


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