Tigers in the Garden

This small piece, 8.5” total height x 8.25” wide, was created in response to a reader challenge contest by the magazine, “Cloth, Paper, Scissors”. The requirements were that the piece had to be fit into a 10” x 10” box, weigh no more than one pound, and use a mask or a stencil of a flower. I love doing gardens, both outdoors and on my art quilts, so of course, I wanted to do something for this challenge. However, I felt that since I usually do very soft looking gardens, I wanted to have something that would be in a very different direction for me. I also love tigers and had a large roll of old Kenneth Cole “Le Tigré” labels, so I used three of them to have them romp through my garden.( I have permission from the company to use these old labels.)


Working on such a small scale was challenging for me, as I’m used to working on much larger pieces, so every object on the piece had to work in the composition. Usually, I have a much larger amount of space to lavish my beads, buttons, and other treasures on, so this was indeed a challenge to make the surface visually interesting for me, and still be able to see the original stenciled, flower mask that was required for the contest. It’s faint, but its black outline is there.

You can see more of my art quilts at my web site at www.fiberfantasies.com


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6 thoughts on “Tigers in the Garden

  1. Thanks, Dave, for the comments. It was indeed great, good fun making it, as it only took a week. My bigger art quilts are sometimes 6 months to a year in production, so it was fun to have more “immediate” gratification!

  2. It’s look like you have used some of your prize button on this piece. That you reserve them for a CPS project says a lot! I have a tendency to “busy up” things and your work has that “keep going” spirit and a certain abandon, no holds barred feel. It’s like permission for the rest of us to”keep adding” the goodies and see where you end up. Your work has a great balance of color and texture. Nice! Anne 

  3. “Do Buttons Grow on Sweaters?”

    Hi Nancy… you identiified with the title of my work, and commented on it.. I am referring to my “All Buttoned Up” Sweater submission (thank you) AND i had to laugh when I discovered it was you (Of course I don’t know you). I had just five minutes earlier looked at your stenciled garden work and written a comment to you!. We are perhaps drawn to each others work. That is just too funny. I am browsing around in here because I am about to put up my own “stenciled garden” work.  It is of course the last day and I am a perennial late bird, no excuses, but you know what they say… “Better…”

    guess what! The “Florida Button Show” (not the formal name I dont think) is this weekend at the Plaza Hotel in Daytona Beach where I live. I plan to stop by and have a look as I have never been to a button show… I have been to depression glass show… this should be interesting. I didn’t even have a button box before the All Buttoned Up Challenge. Now, in a matter of months, I have drawer loads and I know my “MOPs” from my Leathers… haha. Take care.

  4. Dear Anne, Yes, I’ve been giving myself permission to “layer it on” for a number of years now. If it’s got a hole in it, of can have a hole out in it, then it’s fair game for one of my art quilts….:)


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