Time As an Artist

I hope you appreciate the work that went in to this piece.  I find doing a piece about myself one of the most difficult challenges of all. 

In this piece, I used raised matt board, a digital image, acrylic paints, prismacolors, cordoroy fabric, and metal pieces from watches…

Any feedback is great feedback!  Be well.



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11 thoughts on “Time As an Artist

  1. I like it!  And I appreciate how much work went into it.  LOVE the composition, the  other  two secondary profiles weren’t immediately apparent to me when I began to look at it – which is a great surprise.  The primary image is so strong that it was  the focus initially.  After discovering the profile faces, then the words became visible to me, for added meaning…Love the  yellow-gold to orange tones on your cheek and chin.  I bet it really pops in person!  Great job!

  2. I love it!  The acrylic paint is beautifully juxtiposed over the digital image, the color choices are terrific (I agree with trudisissons that they probably really pop in person!) and I love the steampunky accents.  I also REALLy like the composition with your other selves lurking behind you… it’s a nicely done visual expression of the complicated facets or personality we each possess.

  3. Out of the box, over the edge, WOW!  I haven’t tried digital work yet, you should have NO FEAR this is

    amazing, expecially the three “faces of you”.


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